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   UAB Mantija has been in industry over 15 years; we specialize in the field of light working garment and we offer the widest range of the product. We make garment for restaurants, hotels, shops, food industry, health care and treatment staff, including various jackets, shirts, skirts, trousers, aprons, men's and women's suits, robes, headdresses and accessories (bow-ties, ties, table-cloths for parties and regular table-cloths, napkins, towels, etc.). We design individual garment, typical for a certain customer only (starting with the creative idea finishing with the ready product). Upon request, company name and logo may be placed on the garment. This work is done by silk-screen printing or by embroidery.
   We use a wide range of fabrics of various colours and different thickness (both Lithuanian and imported), accessories are from Germany, Czechia and Italy, high temperature-resistant and suitable for long wear. Only certified materials are used and
   We are also importers of high-quality natural orthopedic footwear of natural leather from "Calzados Anatomicos CALANA S.L." (Spain), suitable for medical, as well as kitchen staff.
   Thus each customer is supplied a professional service, and hopefully, they will be satisfied. production quality is given a special focus.

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   • 1987m. Foundation. Industry: work garment and various accessories for food industry, bed linen, bed covers, other various widely used products.
   • 1989m. Manufacture and export of women's upper knitwear.
   • 1992m. The prime manufacturer and designer of medical garment collections in Lithuania.
   • 1995m. Pioneers of uniform garment for restaurants, hotels and shops.
   • 1996m. Mantija - work garment leader within and outside Lithuania.
   • 1998m. Company standard - IST - 2012707 - 01:1998.
   • 1998-1999m. Participation in trade-fair "BALTgastro", presentation of work garment collections for shops, restaurants and hotels.
   • 2000m. All the creative and production activities are focused on manufacture of classic and work garment for restaurants, hotels, shops, and food industry, health care and treatment establishments.